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Three New Things To Try This Spring

Three New Things To Try This Spring

    I love that spring is near, and I can smell it already! The blooming of flowers, the warmth (kinda) of the sun, and the sound of the many outdoor activities

Rivers Hey Naturals

When God Formed Rivers – Thoughts For 2016

    Are you ready for 2016? What frame of mind are you in? Are you a go-getter or are you just going with the flow? For me, I have decided 2016 is


My Natural Hair is Not a Costume

    Two weeks ago I was walking in Burnt Oak, in Northwest London with my little sister looking for an African hair salon that had Marley hair extensions. My hair was

My Favourite UK Hair Vloggers

    In my early natural days, I endlessly browsed the interwebs for more tutorials, more reviews – I couldn’t get enough. 3 years later, I’m still not satisfied!  From my perception,