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3 Benefits of Heat on Natural Hair


Benefits of heat on natural hair


Now before you clutch your pearls, heat is not all bad. When used in moderation and the correct steps in place, it can do wonders in producing shiny, moisturised hair! Even the thickness of your hair strands play a part. Please note when I say heat, I don’t mean direct heat through a hairdryer or a curling wand. But methods that are more afro-friendly.

1. Deep Conditioning with Heat!

The earliest memory I have of my hair, even when I relaxed, is using my mum’s steamer cap. Every wash day, she would pull out that bad boy and whack it on my head. Not only did I love how the heat felt, but my hair thrived like no tomorrow. From my experience, I believe afro hair biggest love is: steam. So you can really go wrong. Speaking of which…

2. Steaming!

Okay it may be stretching a bit, but either using your own body heat or having a hot shower can really make a difference in vitalising your hair. Throwing a plastic bag/cap and warm towel or hat is the money-savvy way of giving your hair that extra boost during the tough times. Or investing in an electric steamer is always nice.

3. Increasing your hair’s natural oil

Our scalp produces its own natural oil called sebum. For curly hair individuals, it’s a lot harder for the goodness of sebum to travel down our hair shaft as all of the kinks and curls make it a lot more difficult. Heat from warm water, or from the above methods, increases the viscosity of sebum making it a lot easier for it to travel along the hair shaft coating it in all its goodness! And what’s better than using what your body literally makes for your hair?

Heat is mainly beneficial when accompanied with something else. But by playing it smart and experimenting, you can keep your hair health in check with regular tender loving care.

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Kassandra Bourne
Kassandra Bourne is born and bred in North-West London. She has been natural since February 2012, and her love and knowledge of natural hair has grown exponentially with her tresses. With a degree in her back pocket, she often wonders about her front pockets. Her hobbies includes videos games, vintage video games, Comicon, and...oh! running a hair blog.

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