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3 Ways to Add Volume to Natural Hair


3 Ways to Add Volume to Natural Hair
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Embracing your natural hair and its thickness is Natural Hair 101. But sometimes a girl wants to add volume to her hair for a particular style – and not every natural girl is blessed with super thick hair. There are several ways and hacks that natural hair girls do to make their hair look thicker and fuller – I will share three of the most effective ways. These three ways can help you add volume to natural hair – your natural hair.

1) Style On Damp Natural Hair

When you style on damp natural hair, the moisture and product (oil and moisturiser) are infused within the strands. This means that as the hair dries, it swells up and attaches itself with your hair strands. This gives the illusion of full thicker natural hair.

2) Use Larger Twists or Braids

When you twist your natural hair for twist-outs or braid out, use larger sections instead of smaller one. Smaller thinner twists will give you more curl definition, but a bigger twist will make your hair appear fuller. This is because small twists means you have many sections that are separated from other hair strands. The more the hair strands are separated the thinner your natural hair looks. Using larger twists will close the gaps between your strands and add volume to natural hair.

3) Fluff Your Roots Using A Pick or Your Fingers

The last but not least is fluffing your roots so that it raises your hair, fill in gaps and add volume to natural hair. You can use a pick comb or use your fingers to raise your root. Be careful not to try and create frizz because frizz do not equal fuller natural hair – frizz just means frizz.

Comment below to tell us how 3 Ways to Add Volume to Natural Hair worked for you. If you have any hair style tips and advice, contact us here and share it on Hey Naturals website.

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