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5 Benefits of Finger Detangling Natural Hair

Picture of Natural Hair Girl

I hate hair tangles. You hate hair tangles. Everyone hates hair tangles! But hair tangles are a natural occurrence in curly hair, aka natural hair. The natural tendencies to remove hair tangles are to either comb through it, or brush through it. This is all well and dandy if you

Three New Things To Try This Spring

Three New Things To Try This Spring

    I love that spring is near, and I can smell it already! The blooming of flowers, the warmth (kinda) of the sun, and the sound of the many outdoor activities ready to take off on the streets. This also means less thick coats, and more dresses, AND more colours! And I

Love Letter to God #1

Love Letter to God number 1

    Dear Daddy, Thank You for the life You have given me. The untainted beautiful life You have generously offered to me. You love me without cause. I never gave You a reason to love me, or cherish me, or to die for me. You are indeed the greatest of all romance. You

Gossiping in the Name of Jesus

Gossiping In The Name Of Jesus Hey Naturals

    'I can't believe what Lara did yesterday,' said I, dumping my bag on an empty chair. 'We need to pray for her.' I blew a lock of hair out of my face, and I shook my head. 'What did she do?' Alice leaned closer. Her eyes wide open, and her lips puckered in