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Adapting Your Routine From Summer to Autumn

Adapting Routine from summer to autumn

    As the last of the summer heat begins to be replaced by that cold, drying air; it’s time to consider mixing things up a bit. The light, care free styles are long past, and the ends need to be tucked away and certain products swapped out. It’s a slow process

3 Benefits of Heat on Natural Hair

Benefits of heat on natural hair

    Now before you clutch your pearls, heat is not all bad. When used in moderation and the correct steps in place, it can do wonders in producing shiny, moisturised hair! Even the thickness of your hair strands play a part. Please note when I say heat, I don’t mean direct

Dealing With Shrinkage

Dealing with Shrinkage

    Shrinkage, I would argue, is THE most annoying thing for afro hair especially for us coily haired (aka 4-type hair) people and dealing with shrinkage is a nightmare. Yet, a better word I would use instead, would be accepting. It’s something we have to embrace fully, completely, even if it

Shea Moisture Brand Arrives In The UK

  Stop the press! It is the moment most people, well not me, expected to happen. With one the most loved brand in the natural hair movement, Shea Moisture hit British stores last week (put exact date), with a sweet little preview the night before. The most exciting aspect of this is

3 Tips For Detangling Hair

Tips for Detangling Hair

    Detangling is a big part of any natural’s hair routine, and for good reason! It helps keep our hair in tip-top form and to achieve smoother, sleeker styles when the time calls for it. So when the time comes, here are a few detangling tips to keep in mind -

Building An Effective Hair Regimen

    Tackling your hair with no set plan is a recipe for a disaster. Everyone’s done it at least once in the life, and it’s hard to keep track Being consistent and keeping up with the health of your hair is so much easier to achieve when you have a stable

UK Natural Hair Brands To Try

UK Natural Hair Brands To Try

    One of the biggest issues I had when in the beginning of natural hair journey wasn’t maintenance, styling or even battling a flaky scalp – it was the availability of products marketed at afro hair was below par. However with the increase in popularity, hair events celebrating Black British culture,

My Favourite UK Hair Vloggers

    In my early natural days, I endlessly browsed the interwebs for more tutorials, more reviews – I couldn’t get enough. 3 years later, I’m still not satisfied!  From my perception, the natural hair community can be very American-orientated in terms of products and vloggers (which is not a bad thing!)

Faux Bun on Medium Length Hair

    It seems like forever that I’ve been in this awkward length stage – where my hair is not quite long, not quite short for certain styles. I’ve longed to be able do a glorious high bun, but patience is a virtue and I have none. But I’ve found an alternative,