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Three New Things To Try This Spring

Three New Things To Try This Spring

    I love that spring is near, and I can smell it already! The blooming of flowers, the warmth (kinda) of the sun, and the sound of the many outdoor activities ready to take off on the streets. This also means less thick coats, and more dresses, AND more colours! And I

Dealing With Shrinkage

Dealing with Shrinkage

    Shrinkage, I would argue, is THE most annoying thing for afro hair especially for us coily haired (aka 4-type hair) people and dealing with shrinkage is a nightmare. Yet, a better word I would use instead, would be accepting. It’s something we have to embrace fully, completely, even if it

Shea Moisture Brand Arrives In The UK

  Stop the press! It is the moment most people, well not me, expected to happen. With one the most loved brand in the natural hair movement, Shea Moisture hit British stores last week (put exact date), with a sweet little preview the night before. The most exciting aspect of this is

4 Things to Consider When You Want to Get Locs


    For some time now I’ve been going back and forth on the idea of getting dreadlocks. I have tossed the idea around with my friends and family members and have generally received overwhelmingly positive feed. I have seen many of my favourite Youtubers rocks their dreadlocks effortlessly (Shout out to