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5 Benefits of Finger Detangling Natural Hair

Picture of Natural Hair Girl

I hate hair tangles. You hate hair tangles. Everyone hates hair tangles! But hair tangles are a natural occurrence in curly hair, aka natural hair. The natural tendencies to remove hair tangles are to either comb through it, or brush through it. This is all well and dandy if you

Adapting Your Routine From Summer to Autumn

Adapting Routine from summer to autumn

    As the last of the summer heat begins to be replaced by that cold, drying air; it’s time to consider mixing things up a bit. The light, care free styles are long past, and the ends need to be tucked away and certain products swapped out. It’s a slow process

3 Benefits of Heat on Natural Hair

Benefits of heat on natural hair

    Now before you clutch your pearls, heat is not all bad. When used in moderation and the correct steps in place, it can do wonders in producing shiny, moisturised hair! Even the thickness of your hair strands play a part. Please note when I say heat, I don’t mean direct