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Elaine – My Motivation Came From My Mother


Elaine feature

Tell me a little about yourself

My name is Elaine Francis, I am one of six children, I am a twin, but not identical, (shame).

I have always had a passion to work with people; I work in a prison, male establishment with vulnerable adults, who have issues with substance misuse, my role can be very challenging as well as rewarding.

While doing that, I work with my older brother, who has his own company called Drummonds Property & Finance Group, which we have joined with our business, called Sandy Shores Properties. We are up and running on Facebook, YouTube, our main aim is to provide a service to clients who wish to either sell or buy property in the Caribbean, and help them with getting finance.

How long have you been natural?

I have been a natural most of my life. However, as we all do, we don’t listen to our parents, as my Mom would always say you don’t need to put perm in your hair. So one day I went and permed my hair. I had permed hair for around 3-4 years then decided it’s not for me. Grew my hair out and it’s been natural ever since.


Elaine 3


What motivated you to go back to natural?

I would say my motivation would come from my mother because she has lovely hair and I always wanted mine to look like hers.

How would you describe your hair/hair type?

I would say my hair is loose curls, medium, soft.

What do you love the most about your hair?

It’s manageable, long, and people alway want to know what mix I have in me.

Has it always been easy or difficult or both?

It’s been both.

What are your favourite hair styles and current dos?

I don’t really have a favourite hair style, I like to try different styles.

What have your experiences been as a natural with people? Any memorable reactions from family and friends?

Well from family and friends it’s always: ‘If I had your hair I would do this with it or do that’. ‘Oh my gosh your hair is long’, ‘I wish my hair was like yours’. ‘Your hair is so nice, you can do so much with it’.


Elaine 4


What is your hair regimen?

Well I keep my hair in braids quite often. Once out of the braids, I will wash it, condition it, comb it through, damp dry then treat it with oils, part into small sections and moisturise from top to bottom all over, sometime I have blow dry but not often. Leave the blow dry for the hairdresser. If I go to the hairdresser then have a steam treatment.

What are your favourite products?

Argan Oil, Jamaica Black Castor oil, pure tea tree oil, VO5 Strengthening shampoo / conditioner,
Grape seed oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Carrot Hair Oil, Dark & Lovely.

What are your favourite natural hair websites, bloggers or vloggers?

I don’t really have a favourite one, however, I buy a lot of the black hair magazine. I will always look at a site or web page if it is suggested to me. Look at what’s new or what’s different that I can try. Most of the time I may ask my niece as she’s a hairdresser, or my friend who braids my hair.


Elaine 5


Any inspirational words?

A woman’s hair is her beauty, crown in glory. Love who you are as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

And finally what is the one product you can’t live without?

Jojoba Oil.

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  • Carol Comrie

    Lovely article Elaine. And great pictures. What you should have added was how old you are because they would be asking for your natural skin care regime!