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Gossiping in the Name of Jesus


Gossiping In The Name Of Jesus Hey Naturals


‘I can’t believe what Lara did yesterday,’ said I, dumping my bag on an empty chair. ‘We need to pray for her.’

I blew a lock of hair out of my face, and I shook my head.

‘What did she do?’ Alice leaned closer. Her eyes wide open, and her lips puckered in curiosity.

‘So we were in the shopping mall, and waiting in a long queue for the rest-room. Suddenly, this woman jumped in front of us – which is obviously wrong to do, but I was like ‘whatever, God bless her,’ – but Lara just went ballistic on that woman, swearing at her and cursing her. I could have sworn she was about to slap her too!’

‘No way!’ exclaimed Alice. ‘She didn’t.’

‘Yes – proper swearing. That girl needs deliverance.’

‘What would possess her to do that?’

‘I don’t know,’ said I, shaking my head, ‘but she needs to read the bible more and seek Jesus.’

‘Was she really swearing?’

‘She was throwing the F-bombs, even using the name of the Lord in vain. I was so shocked I thought my ears would bleed.’

Alice took a sip of her drink, ‘I have always known she has some anger issue. Remember the time when I asked her to hold my bag for me, she gave me such a look as if I had asked her to hold a snake. She acts like she is super Christian but she is so far from it.’

So the conversation went. And the longer we talked, the more of the past we dug of our friend Lara, and the more we shook our heads in contempt.

I felt my skin crawling hot for more news. My heart quickened to add to the conversation. My brain searched fervently for past events to contribute. And my soul praised itself for being such a righteous person who do not act like Lara, but yet righteous enough to pray for her.

But on my way home, when I reflect back on our conversation, I felt a nudging sensation in my belly, and it worked its way up to my heart. I have lived with myself long enough to know it’s my conscience. Even further, it’s the Holy Spirit.

It was a light tingle – not condemning but convicting. The Holy Spirit asked me gently:

‘Is that a conversation you would be happy to continue if Lara walked passed you two?’

‘No,’ I replied back to Him. ‘But I was talking about her in order to pray for her,’ I tried to argue.

Again, the Holy Spirit asked softly:

‘Is that a conversation you would be happy to continue if Lara walked passed you two?’

‘No.’ I answered. ‘But what she did was not right either.’

And again, the Holy Spirit asked with such tenderness that I felt my spirit beat against my flesh:

‘Is that a conversation you would be happy to continue if Lara walked passed you two?’

‘No.’ I surrendered. I was wrong. If my intention was to pray for her, then I only need to go to God and pray for her – asking Him to pour His love more and more into her heart so that she would bear His fruits –  instead of talking about her to Alice, instead of stirring up strife.

My intention had been to talk, and gossip, and talk some more. And, even though my heart was in the right place, I had given to the lust of the flesh. The lust to be justified by my righteousness, and others unrighteousness. Any conversation that does nothing to edify someone else is not from God but from the enemy.

Then the Holy Spirit asked a fourth question:

‘Is that a conversation you would be happy to continue if you know that God was listening?’

And I was undone. No, I would be very ashamed to have God listening to a conversation like that. Then the Holy Spirit turned my attention to His word:

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen – Ephesians 4:29

Immediately, my soul yearned for repentance. I cried out to God,

‘Father I am so sorry. You have called me to walk like You and talk like You – like Father like Daughter. I don’t want to give my mouth to unholy conversations that pull people down instead of lifting them up. Help me to walk in Your Spirit always, and let no gossip come out of my mouth again. And, Father, I thank You for the beautiful person that Lara is. I thank You that You have chosen her to be Yours. I thank You that You are refining her like gold, and that You are building her up to be more like You everyday. I pray Dad that You pour more and more of Yourself into her heart, into her soul. That You will reveal more and more of Your truth in her life. And if there is anything that she is going through right now, Father, I pray You will move in and set her free. And that any words that come out of her mouth would be testimonies upon testimonies of how wonderful and beautiful You are. Amen.’

I was praying that on the bus, and my spirit felt light, and my soul felt joyful. I knew that I had been forgiven, and I could not help but smile. ‘I love You so much, God,’ I whispered. For those that the Lord loves, He chastised. And there is nothing more precious than being loved by God.

So, friends, let me leave you with this. We have been called to:


…slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always to be gentle toward everyone – Titus 3: 2


And I pray the Lord help us to remember that in Jesus name.



Adé Sanni
Adé Sanni is the founder and editor of Hey Naturals! She spends her days researching, writing and collecting various random hobbies. She yearns with the need to share the gospel and the love of God with all. She has been natural for 2 years and 5 months as of August 2015. She has been saved by Christ for 1 year and 1 month as of August 2015. Whoop Whoop!

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