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How To Stop Overthinking Past Conversations And Everything Else


HOW TO STOP OVERTHINKING Past Conversations and Everything Else


Over-thinking kills your joy, kills your peace and kills your sleep. It is a thought that multiplies, birthing many branches that keeps you in bondage. You don’t have to live with this – you can overcome it, completely. Believe it or not, you have an enemy who is out to kill, steal and destroy everything that God has planned for you. But our God is the Lord of peace and sound mind, and He wants to free you.

You can stop overthinking past conversations and everything else. You can stop overthinking lies that keep you awake at night. I have gone through that myself and the Lord has renewed my mind. The short story below is based on my true story, and I pray it blesses you greatly.


Cool summer evening. Central London. Italian restaurant. Dining outside beneath its canapé. There I was, sipping my soup with Sheila to my right and Mary to my left. I knew Mary. First time meeting Sheila. Girls dinner out.

‘I probably should have gotten the blue one instead of the red,’ Sheila continued. We went shopping earlier for a tie for her husband. It will be their anniversary tomorrow. ‘I think he would have preferred the blue.’

I gave another sip. The soup ran its way in the wrong direction, and tickled my throat.


I wiped my mouth with the napkin. ‘It is the thought that count,’ I finally spoke. ‘I am sure he would love either one.’

Mary looked at me, then gave a smile, ‘You’re right.’ She turned to Sheila, ‘It’s a great present.’

‘I suppose,’ Sheila murmured.

‘Good,’ said I. I finished the last of my soup, and leaned into my chair. ‘Now forget about it and let’s have a great dinner.’

Mary changed the topic, and I waited for the two girls to finish at their starters so that we can have our main course. I shared in the conversation and allowed the evening breeze to caress my face.

Many hugs and kisses later. The tube and two bus rides later. I stepped into my apartment, and kicked off my shoes. With a sign of relief, I stepped into my Cozy Toe slippers and proceeded to removing my makeup.

Then it hit me.

Have I been rude to Sheila this evening?

Did I say the wrong thing? Did I drink my soup too soon? Had I completely disregarded Sheila’s worries? Was Mary trying to warn me when she smiled at me? Was she thinking I was stepping out of line?

I changed into my pyjamas, and I mused further.

What exactly did I say?

It is the thought that count. I am sure he would love either one.

Should I have said something else less cliché like that. What else did I say?

Now forget about it and let’s have a great dinner.

Oh no, thought I, I should have said something completely different. I should not have dismissed it like that. Sheila probably thinks I am a horrible person. An uncaring, unsympathetic person.

But I am not. I just wanted to reassure her that it is not a big deal.

Perhaps instead of saying, ‘Forget about it’, I should have said something like, ‘I understand.’

Then Mary changed the topic. She must have been so embarrassed by my attitude. No wonder Sheila murmured afterwards.

OH, and the way I drank my soup. Like a slob. And why did I finish it too soon? I could have waited for the others to finish their starters too, instead of laying back into my chair and staring at them afterwards. I must have made them felt so uncomfortable.

They must despise me now.

I lay on my bed and I could not go to sleep. I twisted and I turned and I plumped up my pillow and still the thoughts race over and over in my head.

I should just avoid the two of them and don’t talk to them again. It would save me from embarrassing myself, and I would hate to be around people who don’t like me.

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Adé Sanni
Adé Sanni is the founder and editor of Hey Naturals! She spends her days researching, writing and collecting various random hobbies. She yearns with the need to share the gospel and the love of God with all. She has been natural for 2 years and 5 months as of August 2015. She has been saved by Christ for 1 year and 1 month as of August 2015. Whoop Whoop!

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  • Danielle Myhand

    Thank you! Came across your post and testimony and definitely uplifted me as I was navigating through my own struggle with overthinking thoughts. God knows what His children need and I am so grateful He gave us His words in place to strengthen us.