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Natural Hair Myth Declassified: Does The Inversion Method Help Your Hair Grow?


Does The Inversion Method Help Your Hair Grow?



If you are someone who is currently looking to grow your hair longer you may have come across many different recommended methods for natural hair growth. You may have heard that inverting your head and massaging your hair with oil could lead to unusually quick hair growth and give your more length in a shorter amount of time.


When I first went natural I had a lot of hair goals. I wanted to focus on revitalizing my edges, reducing my split ends, and increasing the softness of my hair. But after having made progress on many of these goals, I’ve become curious about how long I could grow my hair. So I went searching for a few hair lengthening urban myths to try out. It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon the Inversion Method, which claimed that it could help you grow an inch of hair in a week through inverting your hair and increasing blood flow to your scalp.

The idea seemed interesting and intriguing, On the one hand, I could see how increased blood flow would help hair growth, but the idea it could help it that much was wild to me. So of course I had to try it out. I started it off as a one-week experiment, but now I’m thinking of trying it once a month for the next 6 months.


1. The first thing I did was get the following tools for the process:
a. Oil of your choice: I mixed a few drops of the oils I’m currently using which include black castor oil for my edges, coconut oil for my regular moisturizing routine and olive oil for my sealing.
b. A timer

2. Then I heated the oil for a few seconds in the microwave so that it would be warm and massaged it into my scalp, including my edges and the nape of my neck. I made sure to focus on my scalp while moisturising my slightly damp hair (I always make sure to dampen my hair as part of my moisturising routine).

3. Then I set my alarm to 4 minutes and inverted my head.

4. Once the alarm went off I (slowly) lifted my head and put my hair into cornrows as I usually do for bed. You could just style your hair as usual after this but since I always did it before bed I would just proceed to prepare my hair for bed. If you do it during the day and don’t want to leave all the oil on your hair, leave it for at least 2 hours and then co-wash if necessary to remove any excess oil.

5. Repeat the above everyday for 7 consecutive days, and wait for at least 3 weeks between each inversion treatment week so that your body doesn’t get used to the extra blood flow and so as to avoid health risks.


It works! I was able to achieve noticeable growth in my one week of using this method. It’s important to note a few things. First of all, it is not recommended that you try out this method if you are pregnant of if you have any of the following health conditions: hernia, low or high blood pressure, recent stroke, heart or circulatory problems, glaucoma, conjunctivitis (“pink eye”), detached retina, spinal injury, chronic neck pains, swollen joints, osteoporosis, unhealed fractures or injuries, ear infection, obesity, or aren’t in good health.

Also, in order to keep up the effectiveness of the method and to reduce the likelihood of adverse side effects, you need to make sure not to do this more than once every month. As long as you keep those things in mind I would highly recommend trying this method to increase the length of your hair.

Long story short: The inversion method can help you grow your natural hair in a short amount of time as long as you use the method well and pay attention to your health while making use of it.

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Frances Uhomoibhi
I am a 20-something Naturalista with a love for all things Black. I love writing, spoken word, and doing social justice work. Living in London, I hope to help young black girls to love their beauty inside and out.

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