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Why Natural Hair and Relaxed Hair Aren’t The Same


Photo Credit: Adrian V Floyd
Photo Credit: Adrian V Floyd


For those who want to forgo the Big Chop and would rather transition into their natural hair, it does seem quite alien to have two completely different textures to work with. The only time that relaxed hair would remotely have a different texture is the ‘regrowth’ stage and this is a signal to prepare for another relaxer.

However, women with natural hair or those transitioning to this stage will know that relaxed hair and natural hair aren’t the same and therefore has to be treated differently.


This is a big factor between relaxed and natural hair. I have invested much more of my time in my natural hair than I ever did for my relaxed hair. The hair regime that I now have in place to care for my hair was non-existent in my relaxed days.

My relaxed hair regime was lazy and I felt it didn’t need much maintenance because of the ease of having straight hair. Irregular shampooing and moisturising here and there were the basic practices that I had for my hair. Time is something that I didn’t think my relaxed hair needed which leads to…

Hair Practices

The practices I have for my natural hair is not what I had for my relaxed hair. Pre-pooing (treating hair before shampooing) detangling and the trusted LOC Method are the practices that I now use regularly. I have steadily built a good regime for myself and I try to be consistent with it.

Hair Products

Without a doubt, there has been an explosion of hair products that specifically target women who have natural hair. Brands such as Dark and Lovely, which many people know for its relaxers, has an Au-Naturale line. One ingredient that is found in the range is coconut oil.

This popular ingredient, so much so it has its own memes, is rightly praised for its qualities. Coconut oil, alongside shea butter, is frequently used in natural hair ranges. These two ingredients are effective for relaxed hair but it should be used sparingly in case it weighs it down. In comparison, quite a lot of shea butter and coconut oil would have to be used before natural hair is weighed down by it.

Now that I have natural hair, products I now use are vastly different from the ones I used to have. This is because I am more interested in the ingredients that go into my hair products. This led me to use hair brands that are natural or mostly natural.

Do you notice any differences of how you treat your natural hair in comparison to when you had relaxed hair? Comment below!

Charlotte Napoleon-Kuofie
I am a lover of natural hair, with my personal journey being 3 years and counting! However, I'm still trying to find out the secret of a perfect twist out. I love writing, especially about natural hair and I hope to make a career out of my passion!

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