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Natural Hair Starter Kit: Styling 101


Natural Hair Styling 101


This is the sixth part in the series of articles on what items to get when you are new to the natural hair journey. The previous part in this series talked about some of the products that you could get early on in your natural hair journey to help you to add a little extra oomph to your hairstyles. If you want to read more about those accessories please see last week’s topic here. This week’s article will address the hair care products and tools you could get to achieve

I’ve found that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to get away to a hair stylist. Whether you are pulling 60 hour weeks or you just live in the middle of nowhere, UK there will be times in your natural hair journey when its just you and your kit (and the magic of the internet of course) to help you pull off an astonishing (or at least passable) look.

In order to prepare for these times the next two parts to these series will cover the basic tools and products you need to have on hand for times like these. This part, aptly called styling 101, will address objects for styles that relative newbies should be able to pull off. The next part will list some items for the more advanced naturalista, who’s looking for a bit more of a challenge.

Most of these styling products and tools are for enhancing your curls, creating somewhat easy-to-execute styles and holding them in place. Some of them are relatively simple because most of the work can be done while you sleep. For a list of products that are very useful for accomplishing 101 styles see the items below:

Flexi rod rollers

These are really great for curling your hair over night whether you have natural hair or not.

Perm rods and/or Magnetic rollers

Another alternative to using bantu knots to get curls in your hair. They can also be great for stretching your natural hair without heat and like flexi rod rollers can be put in before bed and taken out the next day. Get various sizes to get various sizes of curls or waves.

Curl defining cream or gel

This can be great for enhancing your natural curl pattern or assisting curls gotten from twist outs or/curl sets to stand out. A favourite is Kinky Curly Custard.

Clips and/or bobby pins

These are to hold your look in place.

Edge control

For people who want to make sure the baby hair at their edges lays flat. I highly recommend. A favourite is Curls Passion Fruit or Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste.

Small elastic bands

For separating your hair and holding it in little sections. Make sure these do not have metal parts to prevent your hair from getting caught.

Flax seed gel

This is an all-natural styling gel, that is great for reducing frizz and trying to pull off defined curls created by twist-outs, roller sets, etc. It mixes well with other products and doesn’t flake. A favourite is Auntie Jackie’s.

Rat-tail comb

For getting perfect sections for those curls.

Hair scissors

For trimming your hair.

The products above when used with some of the tools and products in the previous parts of this series can help you achieve a wide range of adorable looks. They can help you stretch your hair naturally or enhance its natural curl pattern. They can help give you a variety of curly styles too.

The sky is pretty much your limit just with these items, but if you are interested in trying out something more advanced watch out for the next part in this series.

But until then, what do you think about these products and tools? Have you tried out roller sets? How did you find the process? Let me know in the comments below.


Frances Uhomoibhi
I am a 20-something Naturalista with a love for all things Black. I love writing, spoken word, and doing social justice work. Living in London, I hope to help young black girls to love their beauty inside and out.

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