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Review: ORS Olive Oil Edge Control



A staple in my hair products is always a gel. I don’t particular use gels, as I do prefer the messy, i-woke-up-like-this look but for those sculpted, definition styles, a gel is vital. I wanted something very specific for my troublesome edges, so purchasing ORS Olive Oil Edge Control was a nice little exciting moment for me!

What You Get 

A 68g tub for about £3.99 from Paks, but I am betting it can be found in any hair store and online. The smell is okay-ish and the texture is similar to soft candle wax which is the only way I can describe it. ORS has always been present in my life, those sheen sprays and relaxer kits, so I wanted to give this a fair trial.

What I Love

It manages to hold down and grab all of the ‘peppercorns’, around my nape and sides, something I was definitely surprised at! The resulting shine is pretty decent, and don’t experience any dryness or flakes in the areas I put it (if I don’t put too much), and can obvious be refreshed the next day by just applying water, and smoothing through! Sweet. A little goes a long way, after having this tube for almost 9 months, I’ve used just over half of it!

What I Hate

The application of this gel is super tricky, but gets easier once you get the hang of it. It’s definitely not as pliable as I’d have hoped. To just apply just with your fingers, as the directions suggested, is near impossible. To get the look, and lay down those edges, a good ol’ slick brush (aka boar bristle brush) is what this gel works well with.

Review overview
Summary Overall, ORS Olive Oil Edge Control definitely met my standards as natural that uses gel on special occasions. Despite being difficult to apply, it’ll definitely have to be replaced once it runs out.
Kassandra Bourne
Kassandra Bourne is born and bred in North-West London. She has been natural since February 2012, and her love and knowledge of natural hair has grown exponentially with her tresses. With a degree in her back pocket, she often wonders about her front pockets. Her hobbies includes videos games, vintage video games, Comicon, and...oh! running a hair blog.

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