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Shea Moisture Brand Arrives In The UK



Stop the press! It is the moment most people, well not me, expected to happen. With one the most loved brand in the natural hair movement, Shea Moisture hit British stores last week (put exact date), with a sweet little preview the night before.

The most exciting aspect of this is the recognition that a highly recognised and established US brand is giving to its international customers, which is fantastic! Of course some would say it is not a big deal, as a handful US brands could be found in your average black hair shop but I digress.

On 9th October, Shea Moisture held an invite-only cocktail party in honour of its UK launch, something I’m incredible sad of not having gone to. And not just for the cocktails and freebies! Canapes were served along with live styling demos; both probably extremely motivating and inspiring fellow naturalistas in achieving the best of their hair, and amazing hair styles.

And Shea Moisture chose Boots –Insert heavenly choir music- I know many will be unimpressed with this but it’s a great move. Many naturals don’t live in major cities all over the UK, so it’s incredibly easy to take for granted how accessible some things are. Boots is a major high-street pharmacist with a reach much larger than your average black hair shop, enabling other women and men to use their product(s), to find out if it works for them. Result!

The price is also not bad. With the majority of the products at a steady £10.99, it’s quite a decent bargain especially if used as luxury TLC treatments. In comparison to the US prices (which doesn’t include shipping!) it’s definitely a lot cheaper on our wallets. I’ll definitely picking up a couple for the coming winter months.

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Kassandra Bourne
Kassandra Bourne is born and bred in North-West London. She has been natural since February 2012, and her love and knowledge of natural hair has grown exponentially with her tresses. With a degree in her back pocket, she often wonders about her front pockets. Her hobbies includes videos games, vintage video games, Comicon, and...oh! running a hair blog.

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