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Sometimes Bigger is Better: The Beauty Of Big Protective Hairstyles


The Beauty Of Big Protective Hairstyles
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There was a time when micro braids and tiny twists were the name of the game. Even though they took forever to do, they were cute and versatile and had a tendency to look neat for longer. A lot of people had them. However, you may have noticed that this no longer seems to be the case. Big protective hairstyles have come back in a big way, so much so that if you go to get your hair done, your hair stylist probably won’t look at you like you are odd anymore if you suggest that you want your braids to be done larger.

I personally am all for it! Although bigger protective styles often require you to use a lot of hair, they take less time to do and are often less damaging to your edges especially if you have natural hair. Plus they are super adorable and give you a lot of volume without putting your natural hair at risk too much especially if you don’t leave the style in for too long. Some protective styles you could try out include:

1. Havana Twists



I live for Havana twists! They are gorgeous, large twists made out Havana hair extensions. It is a style that’s made up of two strand twists. Depending on where you get your extensions from, they can be more expensive to get than some other types of hair extension (such as Marley hair extensions). They have a somewhat coarse feel and tend to look a lot more like type 4 natural hair especially when twisted. Since this hair tends to be fluffier than some other types of extensions, it can give you a lot of volume while still feeling relatively light even when wet. As you can imagine, this can be especially helpful in English summers. They also close well on their own which means that you probably won’t need to seal them with anything if you twist it to the bottom.


2. Marley Twists



These are very similar to Havana twists except that they are made from Marley hair, which is a bit smoother in texture. The extensions are not as thick as the ones used for Havana twists and so if you want to get really huge twists you will need to add more extensions to get the same volume that you would get with Havana twists. Unlike Havana twists, they are really heavy when wet and so are not super practical especially if you are someone who likes to go swimming or to water-parks. However, if you are like me and are unlikely to get your hair wet often then they are perfect. Since they are often cheaper and easier to get than Havana twists, you might find it easier to get different colours that can use to mix things up.


3. Poetic Justice Braids



These are seriously cool! They are basically huge braids and can be done with your run-of–the-mill Expressions extensions. They don’t take too much time to do because they are larger than average box braids. They can be really artistic and edgy especially if you experiment with colours like purple or red. I also just really love the name and think it’s so accurate, because any time I have them, I feel like I should just throw on a beanie and head off to my next spoken word event.

These are just a few beautiful, big protective hairstyles. Have you tried any of these styles? Are there others that you love? Let me know in the comments below.

Frances Uhomoibhi
I am a 20-something Naturalista with a love for all things Black. I love writing, spoken word, and doing social justice work. Living in London, I hope to help young black girls to love their beauty inside and out.

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