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Understanding Your Hair: 10 tips on Caring for Medium Porosity Hair

10 tips on Caring for Medium Porosity Hair
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This is the seventh part in a series that aims to help you understand your hair more deeply and completely in order to aid you when shopping for and seeking out products, tools and process to take care of your hair. This part will address how to take care of hair that is medium in porosity.

Although type 4 hair is usually high in porosity, some people with predominantly 4a hair may find that their hair is medium in porosity, especially if they also have some 3c hair. If this is your hair, then the rules of care are a bit different for you, as medium porosity hair is a tends to respond differently to products, water and heat, because the cuticle layer is loose enough to allow products and moisture without being easily overwhelmed.

The cuticle layer is also strong enough to protect the hair from heat damage so it is better able to withstand the application of heat to the strands. Below is a list of ten tips to consider when managing and taking of medium porosity hair.

1. Use lighter oils as sealants like olive oil as opposed to butters like Shea butter in order to prevent build-up.
2. Although this hair can handle heat better than hair that is higher in porosity, heat should still be used with care in order to prevent permanent damage.
3. Wash your hair with a sulphate-free cleanser to prevent your hair from being stripped of its natural moisture.
4. If struggling with dryness use leave-in condition after moisturising and wetting the hair.
5. Use lotions and milks to moisturise your hair instead of using heavier butters to limit build.
6. Use water-based conditioners (conditioners that have water as the first or second ingredient) if you are having difficulty with conditioning your hair.
7. Occasional deep conditioning with protein treatments can be helpful but do not use protein treatments in your daily care routine.
8. As previously mentioned, medium porosity hair typically holds styles well so it can be permed and coloured with expected results however this can increase the porosity of the hair over time, so perm and colour your hair with discretion.
9. Avoid alcohol-based gels and other alcohol-based products because they strip your hair of its natural moisture.
10. Ideally use a combination of a lightly whipped butter, like Aloe Vera butter, with some oil, like Jojoba oil, for moisturising your hair.

So let me know what you think? Do you have hair with medium porosity? How do you care for it? Let me know in the comments below.


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