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Why Your Natural Hair Can Survive Winter


Your Natural Hair Can Survive Winter
Photo Credit: Glenford Nunez


Yes, yes, yes – your natural hair can survive winter, and without being wrapped under a protective styling.

I have been a natural for some couple of years now, and I live in London. In these years, I have the great privilege to see the blossom of natural hair women walking up and down my street, in my church, in my workplace, on the bus, everywhere. I love, love, love it.

Then come winter time, and I feel like I am the only natural on planet Earth. This is when naturals go into hiding – now, I see braids, wigs, extensions and everything else in between, and I am wondering where are all my naturals at?

So here is a mythbuster – your natural hair can survive winter. And not just survive, it can blossom in it and be very healthy too.

There are two things you have to watch out for in the winter, and two things only that you might have to change:

1) Deep Condition Weekly

Winter time means the air is colder. Colder air means dryer hair. Dryer hair means…well, it means dry hair. So if you normally deep condition once every two weeks, change it to once a week. Deep condition allows your hair to retain moisture longer and you are good to go.

2) Watch Out For Scarves and Hats

Most winter scarves and hats are made from cotton or wool, or materials that are thick like that – that’s good because they keep you warm, but not so good because they can strip your hair of moisture.

So if you have long hair, try to pin it up so it wouldn’t hang about your neck. And if you wear hats, try to find ones that have satin or silk lining. Or you can make it yourself by buying silk or satin fabric at the fabric store, and then sew it. Sewing doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to get that fabric lining on the hat.

That is not an exhaustive list, and your natural hair will thrive in winter like in summer too. So boldly wear your natural hair out this winter because your natural hair can survive winter.

Let me know what you think by commenting below, and if you have additional tip why not share it too.

Adé Sanni
Adé Sanni is the founder and editor of Hey Naturals! She spends her days researching, writing and collecting various random hobbies. She yearns with the need to share the gospel and the love of God with all. She has been natural for 2 years and 5 months as of August 2015. She has been saved by Christ for 1 year and 1 month as of August 2015. Whoop Whoop!

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